Russel Crowe is an actor and a director New Zealand. He was born the 7 April 1964 in Wellington (New Zealand). He is 52.

He's got maoris, british, irish, german, swedish, scotish and italian ancestors!  

He has been married to Danielle Spencer from 2003 to 2012 and had 2 children with her.

His family moved in Australia to Sydney when he was 4. He began his career over there and continued it in the USA.

He played in 50 films during his 28 years of career and he has won 4 prices whose the oscar of the Best Actor in 2001 and the golden glob of the best actor in a drama film. The most famous of his films are GLADIATOR! , Robin Hood, LA Confidental and A beautiful mind.


The 12 April 2010 the actor recieves the 2404th star on the famous Walk of Fame of Hollywood.